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Definitive publications

The unrivalled breadth of our collection spans research, regulatory information and evidence-based clinical knowledge. MedicinesComplete supports your decision making, whether you work in healthcare, academia or industry.

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Tailored packages

MedicinesComplete offers tailored packages to suit your exact needs, whether you are an individual or looking for a subscription for your entire organisation.

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Community Pharmacies Why use MedicinesComplete?

MedicinesComplete delivers expert knowledge on drugs and medicines, helping pharmacists make the best clinical decisions for patient care.

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Supporting excellent patient service

  • MedicinesComplete quickly supplies the answers you need, leaving you more time for quality conversations with your patient
  • Medicines optimisation - review the latest research and advice all in one platform
  • Instant and relevant answers to any queries that arise when dispensing prescriptions

Knowledge development

  • Trusted and world-leading resources to support Continuing Professional Development
  • Whether you need to refresh your knowledge on a long-standing condition or learn about a new drug, MedicinesComplete has the answers you need

A trusted companion for the whole pharmacy team

  • Rapidly search over 600,000 pages of evidence-based drug information for help with your daily enquiries
  • Feel confident in your advice to patients as the drug information is regularly reviewed and updated
  • Monthly BNF and BNFC updates provide access to the very latest gold standard drug information, exclusively available through MedicinesComplete
  • Answer your international queries by searching the international drugs and brand names in Martindale

Hospitals and Community Care Why use MedicinesComplete?

MedicinesComplete delivers expert knowledge for healthcare professionals to prescribe and administer medicines safely, promoting best practice in patient care.

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Ensure correct medicines use and enhance patient safety

  • Instant access to the latest information on prescribing, dispensing and administering medicines safely
  • Summaries and in-depth information on interactions, contra-indications, side-effects and dosage, easily accessible through search
  • Facilitate correct medicines use for all patients with access to information on international safety concerns and guidance on global drugs
  • Minimise medication errors by referring to our extensive information on duplicate therapy, adverse drug reactions and interactions

Make informed, accountable decisions fast

  • Quickly search a wide range of resources and seamlessly link between results, making sure your decision is fully informed
  • Relax in the knowledge that trusted references such as BNF, Martindale and Stockley's provide the best and most reliable information available

A cost effective solution

  • Our specifically designed pricing models provide a cost effective solution to your information requirements

Pharmaceutical Industry Why use MedicinesComplete?

MedicinesComplete delivers the latest unbiased knowledge necessary for drug discovery and development.

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Support every stage of the drug development cycle

  • All your researchers can benefit from our expansive, trusted information on drug and compound analysis, formulation development, quality assurance and regulatory compliance
  • Your users can quickly answer their questions by using the intuitive search tool to explore this unique collection of resources

Making it simple for your organisation

  • Our flexible subscription model ensures value for money, no matter how many users on your subscription
  • We offer a variety of access options to suit the needs of your organisation

Keep your business at the forefront of drug knowledge

  • Access to evidence-based information collated from original research, reports, systematic reviews, case studies and more
  • MedicinesComplete saves your users precious time by drawing together the latest knowledge from hundreds of leading experts, scientists and researchers all in one place
  • References are OpenURL-ready, making research and referencing easy
  • Leading pharmaceutical organisations and regulatory agencies rely on MedicinesComplete on a daily basis

Education and Research Why use MedicinesComplete?

MedicinesComplete delivers globally-trusted, expert knowledge from education through to practice.

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A unique collection of core drug information

  • Instant access to the essential drug information required for excellence in both teaching and learning
  • The depth of information is suitable for first year students through to postgraduate research
  • Suitable for all healthcare professional disciplines including pharmacy, medicine, dentistry and nursing

Cost effective solution

  • Customisable packages and pricing structures to suit academic budgets
  • Valued by all the academic institutions that are already benefiting from MedicinesComplete

Globally relevant content

  • Evidence-based information collated from the combined knowledge of hundreds of leading experts, scientists and researchers
  • Thousands of references to original research, scientific papers, reports and case studies are OpenURL-ready, simplifying research and referencing
  • The ideal tool for generating learning and teaching materials for lectures, student projects and as a go-to resource during lab work