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Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation

This is the leading drug reference for the treatment of pregnant or breastfeeding women. Listing nearly 1,200 commonly prescribed drugs taken during pregnancy and lactation, each detailed monograph offers a summary of known or possible effects on mother, embryo, foetus, lactation and nursing infant. The content is fully searchable, and contains an A-Z listing of drugs by generic name.

Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation is by Gerald G Briggs and Roger K Freeman.

How Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation will help you

  • Analyses all available evidence on drugs and their effects during pregnancy and lactation to both the mother and infant, helping you prescribe the right treatment
  • Includes quickly and easily searchable detailed monographs to support your decisions on the effects and risks of drugs in pregnancy and lactation
  • Evidence-based information enhances your care of pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Designed for rapid reference by generic drug name or by search
  • Acts as a practical educational tool for students training to work in obstetrics, paediatrics and post-natal care

Who should use this resource?

  • Pharmacists
  • Prescribers
  • Clinicians
  • Midwifes
  • Students
  • Researchers
  • Nurses
  • Breastfeeding councillors
  • Lactation consultants

Key coverage includes:

  • List of drugs known to cause human developmental toxicity
  • Outline of known/possible passage of a drug across the placenta or into human breast milk
  • Detailed summaries of literature to support the decision-making process in the care of pregnant and lactating women
  • Evaluation of research literature, both applied and clinical on nearly 1,200 drugs

Includes nearly 1,200 monographs of commonly prescribed drugs, each including:

  • Generic name (in US)
  • Risk factor
  • Pharmacologic class
  • Pregnancy summary
  • Fetal risk summary
  • Breastfeeding summary
  • References


All the content is revalidated, revised, and updated on a regular basis.

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