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Handbook on Injectable Drugs

Handbook on Injectable Drugs (HID) by the ASHP, is the ultimate authority on the compatibility and stability of injectable drugs. No other drug reference examines parenteral drug stability and compatibility in such extensive detail.

HID brings together comprehensive information on 332 parenteral drugs commercially available in the United States and in other countries. It offers pharmacists and healthcare professionals a precise, reliable way to make your organisation safer for patients.

How Handbook on Injectable Drugs will help you

  • Allows you to make quick, accurate assessments of the compatibility of various solutions and additives with a particular drug
  • Answers frequently asked questions on the preparation, storing and administration of injectable drugs
  • Helps you maximise patient safety and enhance medication effectiveness
  • Provides you with quick and accurate assessments of the compatibility of various solutions and additives with a given parenteral drug
  • Helps you find monographs within AHFS Drug Information (also available on MedicinesComplete) by listing the AHFS classification numbers for each drug

Who should use this resource?

  • Pharmacists (especially those interested in intravenous drug mixing and administration in various settings)
  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Healthcare Professionals requiring referential information on injectable drugs

Key coverage includes:

  • 332 drug monographs, with information accumulated from 2,830 references – all fully referenced
  • Drugs listed alphabetically by generic name for efficient searching, with brand names also searchable
  • Four compatibility tables are provided for each drug: solution, additive, syringe, and Y-site
  • Key product data including common sizes, strengths, volumes, and forms in which the drug is supplied. Also includes pH, osmotic value, and other important product information
  • Storage requirements and general stability information, including pH, freezing, exposure to light, sorption and filtration characteristics, and repackaging information
  • Tabulated results from primary research on the compatibility of the listed drug with infusion solutions and other drugs


The content is revalidated, revised, and updated as new information arrives.

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