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Stockley's Drug Interactions

Now includes the Stockley's Interactions Checker.

Stockley's Drug Interactions is still the most indispensable and authoritative international source of drug interaction information available. Based upon thousands of published clinical papers and reports, it provides you with nearly 4,500 detailed yet concise monographs, designed for quick and easy reference.

Each monograph contains a summary, clinical evidence for the interaction under discussion, its probable mechanism, clinical importance, and management.

How Stockley's Drug Interactions will help you

  • Designed for quick and easy access, with intuitive interactions and full text search options
  • Allows you to search for unlimited numbers of drugs at a time
  • Provides answers to practical questions such as:
    • Are the drugs in question known to interact or is the interaction only theoretical and speculative?
    • If they do interact, how serious is it?
    • Are all patients affected or only a few?
    • Is it best to avoid these two drugs altogether or can the interaction be accommodated in some way?
    • What alternative and safer drugs can be used instead?

Key coverage includes:

  • Interactions between therapeutic drugs, proprietary medicines, some commonly used herbal medicines, foods, drinks, pesticides, and drugs of abuse
  • Comprehensive and fully-referenced discussion of the available clinical evidence for interactions, an assessment of their clinical importance, and clear practical guidance on how to manage the interaction
  • Clinically relevant, evaluated and evidence-based content with a depth of critical information often missing from more general works
  • Global coverage – includes drugs used worldwide

Stockley's Interactions Checker

The Stockley's Interactions Checker allows you to search for the interactions of one drug, interactions between multiple drugs, or interactions between drugs and foods, drinks (including alcohol), and tobacco.

It searches and links to the content of Stockley's Drug Interactions, and provides you with a rating symbol, description of the interaction, and guidance on managing the interaction.


The Stockley's Interactions Checker is updated every month. The complete monographs are available in Stockley's Drug Interactions, and are updated every quarter.

Who should use this resource?

  • Pharmacists
  • Clinicians
  • Prescribers
  • Other healthcare professionals

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